Episode 3: Politics – You’re Soaking In It

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#3 – Politics: You’re soaking in it.
Synopsis: It is popular in some sectors of our society to state, “I am not political.” In reality, every choice we make day-to-day supports one political agenda or another. It can be exhausting to attempt to remain fully aware at all times of the implications, fall-out, and ramifications of our thoughts, speech, and actions. The point of this show is to offer suggestions on how to be political without becoming a political machine.
Articles Include:

The Power of One. Our history is filled with stories of individuals achieving notoriety by doing the right thing when just getting by would have served them better. This is a piece dedicated to the solo effort; our fanfare for the common human.
Hamish Todd tries to wax political with bits from an interview with the editor of Boycott Quarterly
Get up stand up, Bob Marley, intro by Eben Eldridge
Holiday in Cambodia, Dead Kennedys,intro by Eben Eldridge
Dave Dederer from The Presidents of the United States of America on a few small things you can do everyday to make the world a better place

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